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The Fall of Man
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The Fall of Man is a Dystopian Animal and Human RPG set in the distant future. We have no word count, and a simple sign up process - as well as many different species to chose from. Master, Pet, or Rebel? In the end everyone must choose a side as the ultimate battle for dominance begins

In the distant future - mankind has fallen from the top of the food chain. From the ashes of nuclear war, the animals have reclaimed the land once more and taken humankind in: as pets. As humanity lives in captivity, whispers of rebellion come from the unknown lands - threatening animalkind’s newfound dominance.
What will you become?
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Year 2732
The Activity Check has concluded - thank you all who have posted and contributed to it! Be on the lookout for an event we've got cooking up for you all! >:D
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Important Notes
  • Posting an application is REQUIRED, though you do not have to wait for approval. Please find the application code pinned below, or follow THIS LINK.
  • Please provide basic details for your character -- age, species, role / job, name, a bit about their personality, your out-of-character name / alias, and their face claim. You do not have to wait for approval OR grouping to start roleplaying right away!
  • If you're picking up someone's Wanted Ad, please contact the owner before posting your application! It's courteous to let them know you're picking up their character, PLUS they may want to look over your application or might have some notes for you!
  • When you're ready to join, create a new thread and post your character's application in this forum. A staff member will sort your application into the right sub-board.

Simple Application Code