Collinwood Entry Point
Collinwood Entry Point is a place that no lone Hume is allowed to pass. The gates and the mighty wall surrounding Collinwood are guarded at all times, so any sneak-ins or sneak-outs are highly unlikely.

There's a dirt road that connects Collinwood with the wilds beyond the wrought iron bars of the gate. Past the gate, a small road leads up to the city, known as Hunter's Road. Here, hunters will often put their newly-caught Humes on display in attempt to sell them off to a passing traveller quickly. Think of it as a Farmer's Market... for Humes. Fresh, green, and wild-grown Humes.

Further up the road, closer to the outskirts of the city, sits the Zoo where all the wild Humes - too wild for servitude - are on display for curious and prying animal eyes. The Humes here live in small, compartmentalized apartments -- though, get no privacy due to a glass wall that puts every room on display.
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