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The RULES and PLOT can be found here.
ON HUMANS IN CAPTIVITY (Mar 10, 2020 0:24:14 GMT)
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Here you can find information on both the HUMANS and ANIMALS of this new land.
Update to Our Joining Procedure (Aug 22, 2020 3:30:40 GMT)
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All announcements of any kind can be found here.
Far Away Lands
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GUEST FRIENDLY! Here you can advertise your own board to your heart's desire! Just make sure we can return the favor. You are allowed to bump or post a new ad once a week so long as we can do the same.


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You can introduce yourself to the forum here!
Character Files
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Ready to join? Join here!
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Here is where you can do all of your plotting! Find a pet, find a master, find love, find enemies, the choice is yours!


Animal Sayings and Curses (Suggestion) (Sept 9, 2020 7:49:07 GMT)
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This board is GUEST FRIENDLY. Please post any questions or any helpful suggestions pertaining to the site here! Keep suggestions tasteful - flames will be deleted.
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Here you can play games amongst your fellow members to pass the time! Please keep all games PG-13 and tasteful!


Upper Collinwood
[P] blow away, like smoke in the air (Aug 27, 2020 1:37:27 GMT)
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Upper Collinwood consists of Tinley Castle, Umano Humes, Li'l Humes Nursery, Hume Obedience School, and the Animal Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.

The only residence here is the Tinley Palace, and only Nobles who work closely with King Tarak and Queen Celestia Fae live within the palace. No one is allowed into Tinley Castle without the expressed permission of his majesty.
Markay Strip
Back to work (open) (Sept 10, 2020 12:21:30 GMT)
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Markay Strip is the most happening place in Collinwood. It's a long street lined with almost anything one would need in terms of stores. There's pet shops, the pound, the vet, restaurants and eateries, all kinds of shopping and trade, bars, and Riles Memorial Hospital.

During the day, this street is bustling with all walks of life and many differing animals and Humes. During the night, it's lit by candlelight and rather quiet, given at that time mainly only the eateries and restaurants are open. Everyone should visit the Markay Strip at least once - if not every few days!
Little Ifre
[OPEN] I don't got no time to play around (Aug 27, 2020 1:38:56 GMT)
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Little Ifre is considered to be Collinwood's residential area. Dotted by many redwoods, bushes, and naturally growing flowers, it's a very beautiful place in the spring and fall. Here, there are many different kinds of houses. There are no rules - save for respect your neighbors' property and space. If there's an empty place, you can build on it. If there's an empty shelter, you can claim it.

There's a medium-sized park nearby with a playground for small animals to play on. A mile or two down the main road takes you to Tiger's Eye Lake - a beautiful swimming and watering hole that families flock to on hot summer days.
Collinwood Entry Point
Fine Stock (Open) (Sept 8, 2020 20:07:24 GMT)
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Collinwood Entry Point is a place that no lone Hume is allowed to pass. The gates and the mighty wall surrounding Collinwood are guarded at all times, so any sneak-ins or sneak-outs are highly unlikely.

There's a dirt road that connects Collinwood with the wilds beyond the wrought iron bars of the gate. Past the gate, a small road leads up to the city, known as Hunter's Road. Here, hunters will often put their newly-caught Humes on display in attempt to sell them off to a passing traveller quickly. Think of it as a Farmer's Market... for Humes. Fresh, green, and wild-grown Humes.

Further up the road, closer to the outskirts of the city, sits the Zoo where all the wild Humes - too wild for servitude - are on display for curious and prying animal eyes. The Humes here live in small, compartmentalized apartments -- though, get no privacy due to a glass wall that puts every room on display.
Hope a thing of the past - Rusk (Sept 6, 2020 21:28:42 GMT)
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Anywhere else within the city can be visited here!


The Great Woods
Show me what you're worth (Mikaere) (Sept 25, 2020 3:39:24 GMT)
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These woods surround Collinwood and fill the empty spaces beyond the city's gates. It's quiet here, but not eerily so. Peaceful, serene, happy. Sun rays streak through the spaces above and dot the forest floor in its glowing light. The trees' skinny trunks dot the lands here, but their shape makes it easy to see prey from a distance away.

Many hunters set up camp along the Great Woods' edge, closest to Collinwood's dirt road.
Fleeting Souls Meadow
Returning Again (Aug 24, 2020 3:13:39 GMT)
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Despite being off the Great Woods and being a place with pretty blooming flowers 65% of the year, Fleeting Souls Meadow has a rather creepy feel to it. Rumor has it, it was the site of an ancient human war and many died there. Those who go there and stand in the middle of the meadow claim to feel 50 pairs of eyes on them.
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A military base where the militia of the city conduct business. It used to be open to their humans as well, but recent affairs and paranoia have forced them to be banned.
[Private] Across The Waters (Sept 22, 2020 4:51:46 GMT)
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Other places outside the perimeter can be found here!
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